I'm Jibb Smart, and I made KarBOOM. Design, programming, art, music, sound recording, as well as business and PR. It has been quite a lot of work!

It's great to have creative control over my games. As my abilities in each aspect of game design and development grow, I hope to have more creative freedom to pursue other ideas that serve different purposes - stories to tell, questions to pose, mechanics to explore, and more as the landscape of gaming grows and changes.

Special Thanks

Over the years, I've been supported in making KarBOOM by a lot of friends, family and testers who've been willing to give feedback, suggestions, criticism and encouragement throughout the game's development. Here's a list of those I want to extend special thanks to - and I know I've missed some people who should be on this list, so don't hesitate to contact me and say, "Hey Jibb, I'm not on your special thanks list! Don't you remember this and that?"

And I'll be all like, "Oh yeah! Let me fix that! And thanks, by the way!"

So yeah. Do that.

So, in alphabetical order:


For those curious, here's a list of tools used in the final product of KarBOOM: