Jibb Smart
Based in Toronto, ON

Release date:
29 October, 2013

PC / Mac / Linux
Desura (PC / Mac / Linux)


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Local multiplayer party game - Super Smash Bros meets Micro Machines in KarBOOM. Up to 12 players play together on the same computer - up to 4 sharing one or more keyboards, plus up to 8 gamepads can be connected. If you don't have gamepads and don't fancy a crowded keyboard, don't fret; KarBOOM's smaller levels (or larger levels with a few mutators to spice things up) are arguably best played in one-on-one duels, and these are easily played even wity two players on one keyboard.


Originally intended as a short self-contained project to give developer Jibb Smart a taste of all aspects of finishing a game, an overwhelmingly positive community response to KarBOOM v0.1 prompted new features, mutators, kars, levels, team modes, and physics rewrites over the next sixteen odd months. These versions of KarBOOM were powered by Gamestudio, a Windows-only engine with no cross-platform support in sight. This limitation prompted Jibb to write his own engine from scratch for Windows, Mac & Linux, including home-made physics, collision detection, and a shader-driven OpenGL renderer. Close to 9 months into this development, with plenty more engine-hurdles to tackle, Unity announced public support for Linux, leading to Jibb's exploring Unity further. A week of testing was more than satisfactory for it to be firmly decided that KarBOOM would be finished with Unity.


  • 12 player shoulder-to-shoulder competition with gamepads or shared keyboard(s).
  • Play in teams, free-for-all, or one against many with different game modes all revolving around the easy to pick up but difficult to master gameplay.
  • Out-bluff, out-wit & out-bid your opponents in Gamble.
  • Be the last player standing in Showdown, as the level changes to destroy careless players.
  • The beautiful game meets kar-combat in KarBall - a team-based based ball sport played with kars.
  • Mix up the rules in Klassic - play hold the flag, compete for possession of the battle ball, play in teams or free-for-all - the klassic KarBOOM for those familiar with the old alphas.


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      About Jibb Smart

      Jibb Smart is an Australian indie developer in Canada, making vidya games on his own.

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      KarBOOM Credits

      Jibb Smart
      Designer, Artist, Programmer, Music, Sound, so on & so forth

      presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks